Producer-led Watersheds

Dunn County Producer-led Watershed Groups - Dunn County LWCD serves as the County Collaborator for two Producer-led Watershed groups.


What defines a producer-led (farmer-led) watershed?

  • A group of at least 5 farmers organized within a defined watershed and willing to play a leading role in addressing the shared concern(s)
  • An identified, shared, water, soil or other natural resource concern
  • A vision for change
  • At least one collaborator from County Land Conservation, UW-Extension, WI DNR, or a nonprofit organization


Why Producer-led Watershed groups?

  • Create an informal exchange of ideas between farmers
  • Makes communities stronger
  • Encourages conservation, trying new things, and participation in other programs
  • Reduces financial risk when trying new practices
  • Public Outreach


Producer-led Watershed Protection Grants

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) accepts applications from Producer-led groups for grant funding that focuses on nonpoint source pollution abatement activities through the Producer-Led Watershed Protection Grant Program (PLWPG).  The goal of this program is to improve Wisconsin's soil and water quality by supporting and advancing producer-led solutions that increase on-the-ground practices and farmer participation in local watershed efforts. For more information about this DATCP program, refer to DATCP’s website.