Snowmobile Trails

Dunn County Snowmobile Trails

The Dunn County Snowmobile Association (DCSA) is made up of 14 individual snowmobile clubs. The clubs maintain approximately 315 miles of snowmobile trails. Maintaining the trails requires obtaining permission from landowners, marking, grooming, and maintaining trails. Most of the trails are on private land.


What is the Snowmobile Trail Aids Program? 

The Snowmobile Trail Aids Program is a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) grant program created to reimburse snowmobile clubs for some of the work that they do to maintain and groom the trails. This program is funded entirely by snowmobilers through snowmobile registrations, trail pass revenue, and gas tax from some of the gas used in snowmobiles. These grants reimburse over 600 Snowmobile Clubs in Wisconsin for a portion of their expenses.


What is Dunn County’s Role

Snowmobile Trail Aids funds must be administered by a government entity. The Dunn County Land and Water Conservation Division (LWCD) has served this role for the DCSA since 2010.  The LWCD manages grants for annual trail maintenance, grooming, and snowmobile bridges (trail rehabilitation).  Grant management includes submitting grant applications & reimbursement requests, obtaining bids, and making payments. The DNR also requires the LWCD to maintain and submit snowmobile trail data annually.


Snowmobile Trail Maps and Data 

You can get a Dunn County Snowmobile Trail Map from the Dunn County Snowmobile Association. Trails can also be viewed on the Dunn County GIS website (click on the link below).Other digital trail maps may be available through private Apps. Trail data download below.


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