Land & Water Conservation


To sustainably use, enhance, and preserve the natural resources of Dunn County

Who We Are

The Land and Water Conservation Division is a part of the Environmental Services Department, which works with people in an honest, respectful, and accountable manner to manage the land and water resources of Dunn County.


Services Provided

  • Administration of and Technical Assistance for Dunn County’s Land and Water Resource Management Plan/Cost Sharing on Qualifying Conservation Practices
  • Conservation Planning for Agriculture
  • Nutrient Management Planning
  • Design and Installation of Best Management Practices for the Conservation of Soil and Water
  • Provide Assistance with County, State, and Federal Programs (LWRM Plan Implementation, Farmland Preservation Program, Conservation Aids Program, Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program, Snowmobile Trail Aids Program)
  • Provide Assistance with Regulations (Chapter 92, NR 151, Storm Water Runoff Management, Construction Site Erosion Control, ATCP 50)
  • Provide Assistance with Ordinances (Ag Performance Standards & Manure Storage and Management Ordinance, Non-Metallic Mining Reclamation Ordinance)
  • Equipment Rental for Dunn County Residents and Landowners (No-Till Drill, Tree Planters, Tree Planting Bars, Straw Mulcher, Soil Probes, Weed Wrench)
  • Information/Education (Land Judging Contest, Conservation & Environmental Awareness Speaking & Poster Contests, Soil & Water Stewardship)


Helpful Information