Corporation Counsel

The Office of Corporation Counsel is an integral part of Dunn County's operational system, attending to all civil legal matters relating to the Dunn County government and serving as legal counsel for Dunn County government, providing legal advice and services to the Dunn County Board of Supervisors, its Committees, Agencies, Commissions and Boards, Elected Officials, Departments, Officers and Employees with respect to the performance of their official duties.

The Office of Corporation Counsel is responsible for representing the legal interests of Dunn County in a wide range of areas.

  • General Legal Services
    Provide legal representation in all civil legal matters; Provide oral and written advice, counsel and legal opinions; Draft and review contracts, resolutions and ordinances; Prepare deeds, leases and other legal papers; Process claims made against Dunn County; Prosecute and defend legal actions involving the county; Represent the county in the foreclosure of tax liens; Prosecute violations of health, zoning and other ordinances; Represent Dunn County’s interests in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Labor Relations and Employment
    Provide legal counsel and representation regarding labor relations, contract interpretation, bargaining strategy and arbitration, and employment law issues.
  • Child Support and Paternity Legal Services
    Provide legal counsel and representation to the Child Support Agency and appear in court for cases involving the determination of paternity, and the establishment, modification and enforcement of court-ordered child support obligations. For more information on child support services, go to the Child Support Agency website.
  • Involuntary Commitments, Guardianship and Protective Placement
    Provide legal counsel and representation to the Human Services Department by drafting and reviewing legal documents and appearing in court for mental, alcohol, and drug commitment, temporary and permanent guardianship, and protective placement cases.