District Attorney

Welcome to the Dunn County District Attorney’s Office website.  As a representative of the people of Dunn County, the primary purpose of the District Attorney’s Office is to prosecute all criminal and juvenile acts that occur in the County, as well as a variety of civil offenses including boating, traffic, and other local ordinances.  I am proud of the dedicated staff, attorneys, and victim witness advocates who handle approximately 3,400 cases per year.
Our Office is committed to seeking impartial and balanced justice that holds individuals accountable for their actions and punishes offenders with consequences that protect the citizens of Dunn County.  At the same time, this Office supports prevention and diversion programs, when appropriate, that promote the rehabilitation of individuals in the justice system.  We consistently apply equal justice and work hard to ensure that victims of crime are protected and that their voices are heard throughout the criminal justice process. Most importantly, I am dedicated to protecting the rights of children and the elderly, who are our most vulnerable citizens.
I truly enjoy the opportunity to serve as your District Attorney and welcome feedback from the public about how this Office can fulfill its purpose more effectively.
Andrea Nodolf
District Attorney

The District Attorney and Assistant District Attorneys are all lawyers licensed to practice law in the State of Wisconsin.