Environmental Services

Mission Statement

The Environmental Services Department (ENS) consists of three Divisions working as a team to serve the public regarding development and environmental issues. Each Division is efficient, accountable, and fiscally responsible in providing its services within the framework of allotted resources.

Services Provided

Land and Water Conservation Division 

  • Administration of and Technical Assistance for Dunn County’s Land and Water Resource Management Plan/Cost Sharing on Qualifying Conservation Practices
  • Conservation Planning for Agriculture
  • Nutrient Management Planning
  • Design and Installation of Best Management Practices for the Conservation of Soil and Water
  • Provide Assistance with County, State, and Federal Programs (LWRM Plan Implementation,  Farmland Preservation Program, Conservation AIds Program, Snowmobile Trail Aids Program, and Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program)
  • Provide Assistance with Regulations (Chapter 92, NR 151, Storm Water Runoff Management, Construction Site Erosion Control, ATCP 50)
  • Provide Assistance with Ordinances (Ag Performance Standards & Manure Storage and Management Ordinance, Non-Metallic Mining Reclamation Ordinance)
  • Equipment Rental (No-Till Drill, Tree Planters, Tree Planting Bars, Straw Mulcher, Soil Probes, Weed Wrench)
  • Information/Education (Land Judging Contest, Conservation & Environmental Awareness Speaking & Poster Contests, Soil & Water Stewardship)

Planning & Zoning Division

  • Sustainability Action Plan
  • Outdoor Recreation Plan
  • Comprehensive Land Use Plans
  • Bicycle Pedestrian Pathways Plan
  • Farmland Preservation (Coming Soon)
  • Dunn County Visioning Project
  • Zoning
  • Sanitation
  • Wisconsin Fund Program (for sanitary system replacement)


Survey Division

  • Certified survey map review and approval
  • Subdivision review and approval
  • Remonumentation and maintenance of public land survey system corners
  • Provide copies of survey maps
  • Detailed parcel mapping
  • Filing and indexing of survey maps
  • Performs surveys required by the county
  • Assists the general public and others with land survey and land ownership questions.