Finance Division

Mission Statement / Departmental Purpose

The purpose of the Finance Division is to provide administrative support to the county board and county departments for payroll functions, accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting on a timely and accurate basis.

The division provides technical assistance in financial management and accounting. Accounting activities include the preparation of financial reports, which accurately state the financial condition of Dunn County, and supervision, maintenance and development of a central accounting system. The payroll function allows for the accurate and timely processing of payrolls for county employees. The account payable and receivable function process invoices paying vendors in a timely manner, while account receivable are monitored to ensure the County collects it’s revenues.

The budget function includes preparing data in the development of annual budgets, as well as assisting the County Manager and Executive Committee in the budget process.

The auditing function includes responsibility for internal controls, as well as obtaining an annual independent financial audit, and various compliance and single audits of all Dunn County records.