GIS Survey Search Tool

The Dunn County GIS site has a new "Survey Search" feature/portal that allows the user to search for surveys in a particular area.  The survey search interface is available on both the "General Map" and "Dept. Maps" tab.  The interface is quite simple and self-explanatory.  For each additional field you populate, the more specific your search becomes.  The search results are displayed in a table at the bottom of the page.  There are hyperlinked images for each Map of Survey and section data sheet.  Hard copies of Certified Survey Maps are available in the County Surveyor's office.  Electronic copies of Certified Survey Maps are available through the Register of Deeds Office.  As new records are filed and indexed, the search portal is also updated within 24 hours.  This project involved a great deal of work and collaboration between the Surveyor's Office and  the Land Information Office.  The finished product allows users to search for surveys from anywhere at any time.