Health & Human Services Board

The Health and Human Services Board is composed of five County Board members and three citizen members as provided for in Wis. Stat. § 46.23(4). The Board is responsible for developing policies and authorizing direction for those Departments for which it serves as home committee; social service and 51.42/51.437 services within the county; reviewing the coordinated plan and budget; and setting priorities on program operations within the funding mechanisms provided by federal, state, and county governments. The Health and Human Services Board serves as the Dunn County Board of Health pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 251.03(1).

The Health and Human Services Board serves as the home committee for the Human Services Department, the Public Health Department, the Home Care Department, and the Veterans Service Office.


  • Diane Morehouse, Chair

  • Gary Stene, Vice Chair
  • Patrick Breslin
  • Michelle Bachand
  • Andrew Hagen
  • William Lamb (Citizen)

  • Polly Rudi (Citizen)

  • Alexandra Hall (Citizen)