Huber/Work Release

Jail Huber/Work Release Privileges

The Court may give persons sentenced to the Dunn County Jail Huber/Work release privileges. This privilege was established by statute so that persons confined to jail can maintain their employment, continue to support their families and meet other obligations.

  • When reporting to the Dunn County Jail you will be given a packet of information including a list of items that are not allowed in the jail, employment rules, medical rules, deviation information, education forms, childcare forms and transportation forms. You may also access this information by clicking on the links below.  Please fill out the forms ahead of time and be aware of what you can and cannot bring with you.

  • There is no charge for getting this test done at the jail.  If you have the test done elsewhere it will be at your own cost.   

Cost for Serving Huber/Work Release Sentence:

  • If you are on Work Search - $5.00 a day + tax
  • If you were sentenced in Dunn County - $16.00 a day + tax
  • If you were sentenced Out of Another County - $21.00 a day + tax
  • If you are out on Electronic Monitor - $22.00 a day + tax

Inmates that are doing childcare or attending school as a part of their Huber privilege will be billed the same as Huber inmates that are working.

Your Huber bill will have to be current in order for you to continue on Huber.  This means that you will not be allowed to go into debt.  Huber payments must be made weekly.

When reporting to the Dunn County Jail there is a deposit of $25.00 for all sentenced inmates. Work schedules and verification of them are required to be completed weekly/monthly. 

Huber inmates may bring items needed for work which are kept in a separate quarter locker outside the facility. Inmates are allowed to wash their work clothes and store them in a different locker within the facility. Clothing and items needed within the facility are provided.