Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Services

  • Dunn County Department of Human Services Behavioral Health Services Section offers individualized  services and programs to meet the diverse mental health needs of the community. The behavioral health programs will partner with you and/or your family member to improve their quality of life and overall wellness.   
  • All behavioral health services are provided at Dunn County Human Services; located within the Dunn County Community Services Building 3001 US Highway 12 East Menomonie. 
  • Questions about Dunn County mental health resources and/ or community resources can be directed to the Behavioral Health Services access worker by calling 715-232-1116.  

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)

Program Directors: Sara Olinger and Kasey Pogorelski

  • CCS is a recovery focused, integrated behavioral health program for adults and children with severe mental illness and/or substance use disorders. The Vision of CCS is to provide meaningful services that enhance your personal recovery journey to wellness and healing. This WI Medicaid program provides a coordinated and comprehensive array of recovery services, treatment and psychosocial rehabilitation services that assist individuals to utilize professional, community, and natural support to address their needs.  Each person in CCS will have an individualized recovery team which meets regularly. 
  • Dunn County provides CCS as a partner of one of the nine county RWC (Western Wisconsin Region Recovery and Wellness Consortium).
  • Call 715-232-1116 and talk to the Behavioral Health Services Access worker for more information or to make a referral. 

Community Support Program (CSP)

Clinical Coordinator: Wendy Winger

  • Dunn County CSP is treatment, rehabilitation and support services for Dunn County residents who have a serious mental health diagnosis, such as schizophrenia, bi-polar or major depressive disorder. The focus of this program is to support individuals so they may reside in the least restrictive setting in the community. 
  • Call 715-232-1116 and talk to the Behavioral Health Services Access worker for more information or to make a referral. 

Choices/ First Episode Psychosis (FEP)

Program Director: Sara Olinger

  • CHOICES FEP is a community program for individuals with first experiences voices, visions, and other signs of possible psychosis.  CHOICES diverse team serves 15-25 year old youth and young adults from the WRC nine counties of Buffalo, Burnett, Chippewa, Dunn, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, Rusk, and Washburn.  The CHOICES team provides the individualized services of peer specialist services, therapy, family support and education medication treatment options, and Supported Employment & Education Services, and case Management helps you with day-to-day basic needs.
  • Call 715-232-1116 and talk to the Behavioral Health Services Access worker for more information or to make a referral. There are no income requirements at this time.  

Mental Health Crisis Services (Certified under Wisconsin HFS 34)

Northwest Connections 24/7 telephone crisis line: 1-888-552-6642

Crisis Program Coordinator: Kelsey Trinkner 

  • Dunn County Emergency Mental Health Crisis Program is available to individuals, family members, friends and/ or any person in Dunn County. This program assists persons experiencing or supporting someone in a mental health crisis.

  • Crisis staff are trained in crisis assessment, identification and support of suicidal behaviors, and creating meaningful connections to community supports and resources. Dunn  County Human Services initiates and completes follow up and linkage during business hours on all crisis contacts. Safety and resource connection is primary during any crisis follow up contact. Follow up also includes any court related case management when involuntary treatment is ordered under Chapter 51.

  • Northwest Connections (NWC) provides 24/7 telephone crisis services for Dunn County by calling 1888-552-6642, as well as mobile, face to face, response 8 hours per day. 

  • Dunn County contracts with four providers for crisis bed stabilization services. Arbor Place, Aurora, Midway and Positive Alternatives provide stabilization services for those that may benefit from support, but not necessarily needing inpatient hospitalization. Crisis bed utilization occurs through assessment with NWC. 

  • Involuntary mental health treatment is part of this program to ensure safety and client rights. Law Enforcement and NWC/ Dunn County work collaboratively to determine the best response for each individual, including potential involuntary hospitalization under Wisconsin Chapter 51 Emergency Detention.

  • Call 715-232-1116 and talk to the Behavioral Health Services Access worker for more information related to mental health crisis and/or mental health law.

Dunn County Behavioral Health Services Clinic

Behavioral Health Manager: Wendy Winger

  • The Dunn County Behavioral Health Services Clinic provides mental health counseling and medication management services to adult (18 & over) residents of Dunn County. The Clinic provides initial mental health assessments, psychiatric services, medication management, and outpatient mental health counseling to assist individuals in managing their mental health and wellness. 
  • The Dunn County Behavioral Health Services Clinic is certified through the State of Wisconsin. Professional clinic staff include: Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatrist, Licensed Clinical Therapists and registered nurse.
  • The clinic operating hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.
  • The clinic takes a variety of insurances including private insurance and Medical Assistance. A sliding fee scale is available based on WI DHS 1 ability to pay fee scale.  Prior to starting services with the Dunn County clinic a financial determination is completed as well as the intake agreements available via this link:
  • Call 715-232-1116 and talk to the Behavioral Health Services Access worker for more information or to make a referral. 

Substance Use County Services

  • Substance Abuse Treatment Services are offered to Dunn County residents through a contract with Menomonie based agency, Arbor Place. Arbor Place offers residential treatment and outpatient services focusing on alcohol and/or drug use and abuse.
  • For assessment of Substance Abuse services and funding related please call Arbor Place directly at (715) 235-4537 or visit their website at
  • If there are Dunn County specific questions please call 715-232-1116 and talk to the Behavioral Health Services Access worker for more information.