Traffic, Forfeiture, Underage Drinking Violations

Pleading Not Guilty Before Your Court Date (this does not apply to Underage Drinking violations)

You can enter a plea of not guilty prior to your court date by mail, in-person, fax or electronically. To electronically enter a plea of not guilty click on the Not Guilty Plea Form box listed below. Not guilty pleas must be submitted to the Clerk of Courts office before your court date. Once the not guilty plea has been submitted, you will NOT need to appear at your FIRST court date. You must include your citation number, current address, phone number and name on your not guilty plea. You will be mailed a notice of hearing document within 10 business days AFTER you file your not guilty plea. The notice of hearing will include your pre-trial conference date with the prosecuting attorney, this will be held by telephone. If you fail to call in for your pre-trial conference date you may be found guilty by default.

Pleading Not Guilty the Day of Your Court Date

We encourage you to plead not guilty prior to your court date and time. If you prefer to appear in person, you will check in with the Clerk of Courts office. You will be asked if you contest the citation(s) or not. If you wish to contest the citation(s), you will complete a not guilty form and be given a future court date and time to appear by telephone with the prosecuting attorney. If you do not wish to contest your citation(s) you will be found guilty and be given 60 days to make your payment in full.

Underage Drinking Violations

If you have received an Underage Drinking citation your appearance for court is mandatory. The Dunn County Circuit Courts will offer a reduction in fine and waive the loss of driver’s license penalty for individuals that participate in an alcohol education class/assessment. Payment for underage drinking violations is due on YOUR COURT DATE. Failure to pay on your court date may result in a civil judgment being issued against your and/or your drivers license to be revoked/suspended.

Individuals will be given at least 60 days from their court date to complete the alcohol education class/assessment. UW-Stout students can complete an educational class at UW-Stout by contacting the Counseling Center at 715-232-2468 or by visiting:

For individuals that are not UW-Stout students please contact Arbor Place, 320 21st Street, North, Menomonie, WI 54751 or call 715-235-4537 to enroll in alcohol educational class. For more information please visit:

Motion to Reopen

If you failed to make your court appearance or failed to plead not guilty prior to your court date and would like to contest the conviction, you are able to file a Motion to Reopen. Please see the link below for instructions to complete the motion:


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