Tax-Foreclosed Property Sales

After tax-delinquent properties are foreclosed, they may be offered for sale by Dunn County. If you want to bid on tax–foreclosed property, please read the Instructions to Bidders and Terms of Sale, and fill out the appropriate Bid Form for the property you are bidding on.

Any properties available for sale are listed below. If a property you are interested in is not listed below, it is not available for sale.

Newly-Listed Properties (Sealed Bid) - Updated 05/23/2023
These are properties that are being offered for sale for the first time. State law requires that newly available properties be offered in a public sale with minimum bid requirements. A Class 3 Notice of the sale must be published in the Dunn County News in advance of bid deadlines. Properties must be sold by sealed bid, with a requirement of a deposit. Only bids that meet or exceed the minimum bid requirement will be considered.

Ongoing Sales (Open Bid) - Updated 

Any properties aren’t sold through the closed bid process (above) become available for sale on an ongoing basis. A Class 1 Notice of these properties is published in the Dunn County News before they can be listed as available for sale. For these properties, bids can be made at any time. A deposit is required. Properties will continue to have a minimum bid price. The County will consider bids for less than the sale price but is not required to accept them.