Pretrial Assessment Services

A pretrial risk assessment is completed with an individual after they have been arrested and placed in custody for allegedly committing a criminal offense. Individuals held in custody can voluntarily chose to complete the assessment with the criminal justice assessor. The assessment is brief and is comprised of research based factors to identify the likelihood an individual will appear in court for future court hearings and/or engage in criminal activity during the pretrial period. A risk score is derived from the assessment is provided to the court as a tool to aid in decision making regarding the release of an individual. In addition to a pretrial risk assessment two brief screening tools are also utilized to identify substance abuse and/or mental health issues. Both of these screening tools are helpful to assist in referring individuals to resources available in the community to address their substance abuse or mental health needs. The screening tools also serve to identify individuals early in the criminal justice process so they can be referred to treatment programs offered such as Treatment Court, Family Treatment Court and the Treatment Opportunity Program