Report a Concern

Is someone using a property in a way that doesn't match the neighborhood? Our zoning ordinance protects the quality of your neighborhoods and business districts. You're in the right place to report a suspected zoning violation.


1.) Identify your concern

Our ordinances protect the quality your neighborhood, business districts, and surface waters of Dunn County. All land within Dunn County is subject to Floodplain and Shoreland Protection ordinances dependent upon location. If your neighborhood is located near a body of water and/or in the Town of Colfax, Dunn, Grant, Hay River, Lucas, Menomonie, Otter Creek, Peru, Red Cedar, Sheridan, Sherman, Stanton, Tainter, Tiffany, Weston, or Wilson; we may be able to help. 

The following are examples of common violations:
  • Suspected septic system failure
  • Retail business activities occuring on land zoned for residential use
  • Structure constructed without a permit
  • Building a structure too close to shoreland or property lines

Not sure if it's a violation? Check out County Ordinance Chapters 13, 14, and 15 or call us at 715-231-6520.

2.) Keep in mind

Together, you and your neighbors form a strong community. Working together to resolve an issue can create a stronger community. We've put together optional first steps before filing a report with us. 

  • Try talking with the property owner. If you need help finding the owner of a property, visit the Land Information Service webpage 
  • If the property owner needs help, refer them to the County Planning & Land Use division at 715-231-6520.
  • Contact your Homeowners' Association to see if they're able to help
  • Contact your Town Clerk or Town Chairperson

3.) File and submit a report online or contact our office

4.) We'll review your report and concerns

We'll start a case after we review and accept your report. If the concern is substantiated, we'll send a letter to the property owner. Our inspectors will follow-up with an on-site inspection. If timely corrections aren't completed, the case will be referred to Corporation Counsel for possible legal action. 

5.) Check the status of your report

You may email or contact the Dunn County Planning & Land Use office and request an update to your report. 


Contact the Dunn County Planning & Land Use Division:
Main office phone: 715-231-6520
Physical Office Location:  3001 US Highway 12 E., Suite 240, Menomonie, WI  54751