Judiciary & Law Committee

The Judiciary and Law Committee consists of five members and is responsible for developing policy and authorizing direction for those departments for which it serves as home committee. It also acts as the Emergency Government Committee.

The committee serves as the home committee to the offices and departments of the Sheriff, the District Attorney, Emergency Government, the Clerk of Courts, the Child Support Agency, the Medical Examiner, the Emergency Communications Department, the Emergency Planning Department, the Criminal Justice Collaboration Division of the Department of Administration, and the Circuit Court.


  • John Calabrese, Chair

  • Carl Vandermeulen, Vice Chair
  • Luke Wilsey
  • Donald Gjestson
  • Tom Gilbert

Dunn County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that Dunn County Emergency Support Services is inviting comment and input from residents, businesses, area organizations, and communities regarding the draft Dun County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan and any needed projects to reduce or eliminate natural hazard risks to residents, property, the local economy, and critical services.

Dunn County is in the process of updating the County’s Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan, which is a prerequisite for certain FEMA grant funding.  Hazard mitigation actions are essential to creating a disaster-resilient community and breaking the disaster cycle of damage, reconstruction, and repeated damage, thus saving taxpayer dollars.  Example mitigation activities include not building in flood prone areas, constructing community safe rooms for tornados, and burying power lines in areas prone to outages.
A copy of the draft plan is available for review at the County Emergency Management office at the Dunn County Judicial Center or is available for download on WCWRPC website.
Questions or comments on the draft plan should be directed to Steven Findlay, Dunn County Emergency Management, no later than August 15, 2020, at 715-231-2981 or sfindlay@co.dunn.wi.us.