Land Information Council

The Land Information Council is mandated by Wisconsin State Statute 59.72 (3m.) The Council shall consist of not less than 8 members, including the register of deeds, the treasurer, and the real property lister, or their designees. The following members will also be appointed:

A member of the County Board; A representative of the Land Information Office; A realtor or a member of the Realtors Association employed within the county; A public safety or emergency communications representative employed within the county; The county surveyor or a professional land surveyor employed within the county; Any other members of the board or public that the board designates.

The Council is mandated to meet once a year and perform item 59.72 (3m)(b), per statute, as defined below:

“The land information council shall review the priorities, needs, policies, and expenditures of a land information office established by the board under sub. (3) and advise the county on matters affecting the land information office.”

Council Members:

  • Kelly McCullough, Chair
  • Gary Stene - Vice Chair
  • Vaughn Hedlund
  • Randy Prochnow
  • Robert Bauer
  • Diane Morehouse
  • Ann Vogl
  • John Calabrese
  • Mike Kneer
  • Thomas Quinn
  • Heather Kuhn, Register of Deeds
  • Lynn Niggemann, County Treasurer
  • Dan Dunbar, Chief Information Officer of Dunn County
  • Rich Ellefson - Dunn County Realtor
  • Tom Carlson, County Surveyor
  • Melissa Gilgenbach, Dunn County Director of Emergency Communication
  • Sarah Hanson, Dunn County Real Property Lister
  • Rachel Wells, Land Information Officer