Marriage Licenses

If you are planning to be married in Wisconsin: 

Where to Apply
    • You may apply at any County Clerk's office in Wisconsin regardless of your residency or the location of your ceremony. The license will be valid anywhere in Wisconsin. 
When to Apply
    • The marriage license is valid for 60 days from the date of issuance. There is a 3-day waiting period following the date of application. This means that the applicants must apply for the license at least four (4) days prior to the date of the wedding, and no more than 60 days before the date of the wedding to meet the requirements of state law. STARTING JANUARY 1, 2024 - Marriage licenses fees are $100 in Dunn County.

      In some instances, a waiver of the waiting period may be granted at the discretion of the County Clerk, due to unusual circumstances.  The fee for said waiver is $25.

       Also, please call 715-232-1677 for an appointment.   Appointments are required.
    • Marriage Licenses are issued 8:00AM – 4:15 PM, Monday - Friday (excluding holidays when the Government Center is closed.)
What to Bring to Your Appointment
Both applicants are required to present the following documents:
    • Certified copy of birth certificate - Certified copies may be obtained from the Register of Deeds in the county of birth or the State Registrar in the state of birth.  Hospital certificates and photocopies are not acceptable.
    • Photo ID
    • Proof of residence if your ID does not have your current address (document proving where you have physically lived for the 30 days prior to the application - i.e a utility bill or bank statement)
    • If there have been previous marriages, a copy of a legal annulment, death certificate, or judgment of divorce from the last previous marriage must be presented. Divorce judgments must be signed by a judge or certified by the court.
        • **Note: Any documents not in English must be translated and certified.  Additionally, if one or both applicants do not speak English, a translator is required to be present.
  • In addition to the documents listed above, the following information is required:
    • Social Security Number (cards are not required)
    • Date of the marriage ceremony
    • County and municipality where the wedding will take place
    • Name, address, and phone number of officiant who is performing your ceremony
    • Name of two witnesses (if available)
**Note: Marriage license fee is $100 in Dunn County. Payments can be made by cash, check, or credit/debit card. 

Age Requirement
    • You must be 16 years of age to marry in Wisconsin.  Applicants under 18 years of age must have the written consent of both parents, or the guardian, the custodian as defined by law, or the parent having the actual care, custody and control of the person. The written consent must be given before the County Clerk under oath, or before a notary public.
Certified Birth Certificate
    • Sufficient proof of identity is required for all marriage license applicants.  In order to require uniform identification standards, Dunn County's policy is that all applicants must show a certified birth certificate. A certified birth certificate is one with the raised seal and signature from the Register of Deeds or State Registrar in the county or state in which you were born. 
    • Photocopies and hospital documents are not acceptable.  (It is a felony to copy vital records.)
Photo ID
    • A current driver license or state-issued identification card is required from both applicants. 
Proof of Address
    • Proof of current address is required from both applicants. Your current address is where you have actually lived for the past 30 days. A post office box is not acceptable. Acceptable proof would be a drivers license, lease, recent utility statement, telephone bill, receipt, posted mail, etc.
Social Security Number
    • Everyone must furnish his and her Social Security number in order to be issued a marriage license. It is not required that we see the social security card.
Previous Marriage
    • If either of the parties has been previously married, and the last marriage ended in death, we must see a certified copy of the death certificate. If the last marriage ended in divorce, a 6-month waiting period must have elapsed since the divorce was granted before a marriage license can be issued. We must see a copy of the divorce judgment. This is sometimes referred to as the divorce decree of the final judgment, and it must be signed by the judge or stamped by the court.  If you do not have a copy of the divorce judgment, you may obtain a copy from the Clerk of Court in the county where the divorce was granted.
    • The cost of a marriage license in Dunn County is $100.00.  The three-day waiting period waiver fee is currently $25.00. Waivers will only be issued under extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the County Clerk.  Please contact the County Clerk’s office to determine if you qualify for a waiver.  Payments can be made in cash, check, or credit/debit card. Checks can be made out to 'Dunn County Clerk'.  Licensure fees are subject to change.