Planning, Resources, & Development Committee

The Planning, Resources and Development Committee consists of five members and is responsible for policy and direction in development, planning, surveying, zoning, and land assessment. The Committee acts as the planning and zoning agency pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 59.69(2) and, along with the chairperson of the Farm Service Agency, acts as the Land and Water Conservation Committee pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 92.06(2)(b). The Committee is responsible for promoting the development of comprehensive county-wide natural resource conservation programs and policy and direction to halt and reverse the depletion of Dunn County’s soils, resources, and the pollution of its waters; acts as liaison to economic development organizations for promotion of economic development in Dunn County; acts as the tax deed lands committee; and functions as the solid waste committee by overseeing the Solid Waste and Recycling Management Board.

The Planning, Resources and Development Committee serves as the home committee for the Environmental Services Department and the Register of Deeds Office.


  • Thomas Quinn, Chair

  • Gary Bjork, Vice Chair
  • Mike Kneer
  • Monica Berrier
  • Diane Morehouse
  • Jim Thompson - Farm Service Agency Representative - (Pursuant to Section 92.06(2)(b), Wisconsin Statutes and the Rules of the Board of Supervisors)