Pre-Charge Diversion Program

In 2016, through collaboration with the Dunn County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, the Dunn County District Attorney’s Office established the Pre-Charge Diversion Program (“Program”). This Program is designed to divert first time or low-risk offenders who receive “low level” criminal charges or ordinances from the traditional criminal justice system by giving offenders the opportunity to self-correct.

Research shows that offenders assessed as low risk to re-offend do not benefit from behavior changing programming and are more likely to recidivate when overly programmed or supervised. The policy implication of this research supports prosecutors using diversionary programs for low risk offenders, avoiding excessive conditions, utilizing low intensity interventions, and minimal supervision. The Program is beneficial to offenders as it diverts the offender from the criminal justice system, avoids criminal charges being recorded in public databases, and provides offenders with an educational component. The Program is beneficial to courts, prosecutors, and law enforcement agencies as it saves court time and resources associated with trials and court hearings, thereby preserving limited resources. Taxpayers benefit from reduced court costs and increased public safety by allowing prosecutors to focus on violent and high risk offenders.

Eligible participants are responsible for completing all necessary components of the Program. Failure to successfully complete the Program may result in the revocation of the Pre- Charge Diversion Program Agreement and potential new charges, if applicable.

Bradley Erickson
Deferred Prosecution Coordinator
Phone: (715) 231- 6660