Ad-Hoc Redistricting Committee

The Ad-Hoc Redistricting Committee is a workgroup appointed by the Chair of the Dunn County Board of Supervisors, with a goal of drafting an updated Supervisory Plan to be presented and adopted by the Dunn County Board of Supervisors. This task is one phase within the Local Redistricting process that occurs every decade, in response to the decennial Census. 
The delivery of updated Census data typically occurs in March of the following year following the conclusion of the Census. In 2021 however, the updated Census data was not delivered to the States until August 16, 2021. The result of this delay, is a very compressed timeline for counties to complete the local redistricting process. 
Ad-Hoc Redistricting Committee Members
Appointed at the July 28, 2021 Dunn County Board of Supervisors Meeting

Ad Hoc Redistricting Committee:
  • David Bartlett (County Board Chair)
  • Andrew Mercil (Dunn County Clerk)
  • Paul R. Miller (County Manager)
  • Brian Johnson (District 1) – representing the northern towns
  • Vaughn Hedlund (District 3) – representing the villages
  • Michael Rogers (District 10) – representing the central towns
  • Ann Vogl (District 16) – representing the City of Menomonie
  • Robert Bauer (District 27) – representing the southern towns

Information on Local Redistricting in Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin Legislative Technology Bureau - Local Redistricting Information
    • Information regarding the overall process in Wisconsin, and tools available for local governments
    • Publications and presentations on Local Redistricting
    • Information from the 2020 Census and current and historical district boundaries 
2020 Census Data
  • Wisconsin Legislative Technology Bureau
    • This State organization is responsible for taking the updated Census information and summarizing it for the State of Wisconsin to support local redistricting process
  • Visit to view the national census data or to download the information directly

Final Supervisory Plan Approved
At the November 9, 2021 County Board of Supervisors Meeting, the final Supervisory Plan was adopted.
  • See interactive map here