1. Can the county surveyor find my property lines?
    The County Surveyor performs assigned duties and executes surveys required by the county. The County Surveyor DOES NOT work as a private land surveyor and cannot perform surveys for private individuals. A list of private land surveyors can be found in your local yellow pages. Our office also maintains a list of private surveyors working in Dunn County. Answer: Click Here
  2. Doesn’t every lot have to be surveyed?
    Answer: Historically, a great number of parcels in the county were created by written legal
    description and not by field survey. Therefore it is possible that there are no
    physical markers in the ground to show lot corners.

    Surveys are now required for certain new land divisions as determined by
    municipal or county rules/ordinances
  3. What marks the corners of my lot?
    Answer: If your parcel has indeed been surveyed (see above), it is likely that the lot
    corners are marked with an iron rebar or metal pipe. However, many other
    different objects have been used. The legend on your survey map should
    indicate the type of monument set. Most often the monument will be set below
    the surface to help avoid disturbance.
  4. What are those signs that say “Please Protect Nearby Survey Marker” on them?
    Answer: Orange posts or small rectangular yellow signs are placed near government
    section and quarter section corners. They sometimes are marking the corner
    itself, and in other instances are placed around the corner in order to preserve its
    location. Please do not disturb or remove these markers or any survey
    monuments! If you are aware of any survey markers or monuments are in danger
    of being disturbed or removed, please contact the Dunn County Surveyor.
  5. Who is surveying at my neighbor’s house?  What if I don’t agree with the surveyor’s work?
    Answer: There are many private licensed land surveyors who work in the county. They
    are independent, do not work for the county, and are not supervised or approved
    by the county. The county cannot determine ‘who is right’ in a property line
  6. I have a GPS unit.  Can’t I just go find my lot corners with that?
    Answer: County parcel mapping and/or coordinates obtained from it are not to be used for
    surveying. Land surveyors follow specific procedures and use legal descriptions
    and known points for determining lot corners.