Victim/Witness Assistance Program

About Us

The Victim/Witness Assistance Program is a special unit of the Office of the District Attorney.  We provide information, support and advocacy to victims of crime and to witnesses for hearings.  We serve all crime victims, witnesses, and family members of adult and juvenile offenders.
We realize being the victim of a crime can be a very difficult time.  The Victim/Witness Assistance Program was established in an effort to assist victims in reducing trauma that is associated with victimization.  Our goal is to provide the opportunity for crime victims to express their concerns and receive guidance throughout the court process.  The Victim/Witness Assistance Program believes that every victim is entitled to be treated with sensitivity, dignity and respect.  We want to address the effects of crime on victims and witnesses, empowering victims, and upholding victims’ rights.  We also act as a referral agency for other services victims may be in need of but are not aware are available within Dunn County.



Restitution is payment from the offender for damages, medical expenses, counseling, or other loss suffered by you as the result of this crime.  To have the court consider ordering restitution on your behalf as a condition of the disposition of a case, you must submit a claim to the Victim Witness Assistance Program by the date requested.
Restitution claims must include:

  • Either the District Attorney File Number or Case Number
  • Your complete name, address and phone number
  • An itemized list of losses showing each item separately for which you want restitution
  • A written estimate, copy of a receipt showing payment, or copies of medical bills or any other documentation showing the exact cost or the estimated cost of repair, replacement or treatment
  • You must identify if you have insurance coverage, medical assistance, worker’s compensation, etc.

You may be required to provide additional information or sign a medical release to support your claim.

Crime Victim Compensation

The State of Wisconsin, Office of Victim Services has a fund called Crime Victim Compensation that is a resource for crime victims who have no other means to pay for crime related medical expenses, counseling, lost wages, and certain other losses. (Only very limited property damage coverage is considered under this fund.) Information on this fund and application forms can be obtained from your local Victim Witness Assistance Program.  Please call (715) 232-6832 or 1-800-446-6564 for further information. Applications must be filed within 1 year from the date of the crime and you must meet certain other eligibility criteria in order to receive payment for your loss from this fund.